Keeping your checkbook safe and confidential is our business.

We know how important security and privacy are to you. Here are just a few of the steps we take to protect your personal information:

  • We use virus protection software to prevent computer viruses and spyware from entering our network systems.
  • We maintain a secure firewall to block unauthorized access by individuals and networks.
  • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to securely transmit personal and financial information to you and your bank.

Protecting your personal and financial information starts with you.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Regular e-mail is not secure. If you need to send us confidential account information, use the "Contact Us" link on our site, not your personal e-mail account.
  • Stay away from common password options like your birth date, address, child’s or pet's name. Set a unique passwords for each account, and if you write your passwords down, keep them in a place where others aren’t likely to find them.
  • Make sure you have active antivirus and firewall software installed on your computer, and always keep your operating system up to date by installing the latest security patches. For more information on protecting your PC, check out the links below.
  • Remember, we will never ask for personal information like passwords and account numbers in an e-mail.
  • Stay alert! If you notice anything suspicious, please contact us immediately.
  • Check your credit report at least once a year to make sure there is no unauthorized activity. To learn how to get a free credit report, check the links below.

Ready to learn more?

These sites offer tips and tools for protecting your personal information and preventing identity theft:

FTC Tips on Information Security

FTC Identity Theft Information

Microsoft Security Home Page (for Windows users)

Information on Obtaining Free Credit Reports

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